A couple weeks ago we made the trip to the Dutch Championships in France. During one of the lay-days we decided to make a little road trip to San Sebastian. We accidentally took a camera with us to film the shit that got down there. This video pictures a typical day in Donostia: waveriding activities, food and nonsense.

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The story

The Westsidelocals is a collective of friends based in the Southwestern part of the Netherlands. They bring you a fine collection of worldwide clips as well as their own motion and stills with a healthy dose of humour. While doing this they earned their stripes and probably stepped on a lot of toes…so now is your chance to put your toes on their well-deserved stripes. When they met with the CEO-chief-director of Nuts, it was clear that we wanted to make a Donostia inspired tailpad as a ode to the city they love.

The WSL Donostia tailpad, with its original San-Sebastian stripe design, gives you that Burgundian feeling of eating cheese and drinking a barrel of fine wine after a good surf. Just like having a pack of cigarettes after sex, or maybe it’s more a cherry on the cake, or the burger to your beer, whatever floats your board. And your board will definitely float better after putting this baby on! It will make you feel like a cold shower on a hot summer night or sipping champagne by the fire in your cashmere sweater. Maybe the blue stripes will really match your eyes while gallivanting down the boulevard with your board, anyhow it will make your life ça va!



The WSL Donostia tailpad (€35)

Total: €35,-



35 x 33 cm
3 mm diamond and square grid pattern
27 mm kicktail at 45 degrees


The tailpad is made of thinner and lighter high quality EVA foam that doesn’t absorb any water.


The tailpad grid is a combination of a diamond grid pattern in the middle and a square grid on both sides. This combo makes the best grip setup in the business.


Nuts only uses the best industrial grade 3M adhesive, that’s even better than most other brands. This thing will stick!


The 27 mm high kicktail has a 45 degree angle to provide optimum resistance for your back foot.